Rate N Date is a mobile chat, dating and social networking service. To facilitate meeting people we display personal information to other users which allows our users to identify each other. You can change your profile information at any time under the My Profile link. This includes contact settings.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please email us at help@ratendate.com

1) Information Collected and Used by RatenDate
We collect certain information from you such as your email address and cellphone number to authenticate you and to be able to contact you for example when you receive a new message. We also collect other data you submit including but not limited to: location, gender, age, race and orientation in order to help you find relevant people on the site.

We may also collect non-personal-identifiable information including IP address, handset information and browser type, from users and visitors to the site. This data is used to manage the site, track usage and improve the user experience. This information also assists us in making the site more secure.

If you upload your picture it will be made available for the community to view and rate. Your email address is used by us to send you site related notifications, updates and news. Your cellphone number will be used by us to contact and bill you. Please note we do not display your contact information such as your email address or cellphone number to other users. Please use common sense when exchanging such information. We suggest you read our safety tips section to help you with this. We may also use your email address to send you updates, a newsletter or news regarding the service.

2) Use of Cookies
We use cookies to authenticate you and track you. This for example facilitates auto-login if you have selected it.

3) Opt-out
You can opt-out of email/SMS or other contact from us through relevant opt-out mechanisms provided in respective communications.

4) Updating your profile
You may update or change your profile under the My Profile page.

5) Security
Our best efforts will be used to ensure your login information is secure. For additional information about the security measures we use on Rate N Date, please contact us at help@ratendate.com.

6) Sharing and Disclosure of Information Collected by RatenDate
Your information will not be disclosed by us to any third party unless we feel that disclosure is necessary for the following reasons:
(1) to conform to legal requirements or to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other legal process received by RatenDate, whether or not a response is required by applicable law;
(2) to enforce the RatenDate Terms of Service or to protect our rights; or
(3) to protect the safety of users of the public and users of the service. RatenDate reserves the right to transfer personal information to a successor in interest that acquires rights to that information as a result of the sale of RatenDate or substantially all of its assets to that successor in interest.

7) Changes in our Privacy Policy
We occasionally make changes to our Privacy Policy, we will inform our users by posting these changes on our site. A user is bound by any minor changes to the policy when she or he uses the site after those changes have been posted.

8) Contacting Us
If you have any questions about this privacy statement or RatenDate, please email help@ratendate.com

9) Facebook Data
All data collected using Facebook is linked to the profile the user creates on Rate N Date. This data is stored for the sole use within the Rate N Date application and is not shared, distributed or sold to any other service providers or third parties.

Rate N Date is a fun way to flirt and meet others. If you decide to chat to or meet your contacts offline, please use common sense and be responsible - these are your best safety tools.
For safety advice or questions, email safety@ratendate.co.za

1) Trust your instincts. If anything makes you uncomfortable (e.g. Asking for airtime or pics of you or swearing), walk away for your own safety and report the user ASAP.
2) Select a non-identifiable screen name and keep it clean or else you are asking for the wrong sort of attention.
3) Refrain from giving out any personal info at the start - stick to first names only and be vague about your address.
4) Do not be in a rush to meet your contacts and do not let them rush you. Use caution and common sense.
5) Keep an open mind as contacts can be selective with the truth about age, weight etc.
6) Do not rely on a photo. It could be an old pic or a pic of someone else.
7) Pay attention to displays of anger, frustration or attempts to pressure or control you.
8) When you are ready to take it further, start with a phone call from a private number.
9) Never leave or go home with a contact you have just met.
10) If you do meet, do it during the day, preferably with a friend. Meet in a public place and tell someone where you are going.